ICYMI: Cool Cats Town Hall Meeting Summary

ICYMI: Cool Cats Town Hall Meeting Summary
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The Cool Cats NFT hosts an informative Town Hall meeting every Friday at 5 p.m. EST. Below is a summary of the event that took place on December 3, 2021.

Key Takeaways: A new person joined the team, winter wonderland started, Cool Cats collaborated with the littles NFT, the Cool Cats team is expanding, beta testing is going well, and brand new lore for the upcoming Cool Pets

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During the Week

Before we dive into this week's Cool Cats Town Hall meeting, let's talk briefly about what happening during the week. 

  • Part of the Cool Cats' team went to Miami for Art Basel.
    • Chugs has been hiding around Miami, and those that find him first are rewarded.
  • New holiday season merchandise launched on the official Cool Cats' website.
  • Beta testing for the upcoming Cool Cats' Cool Pets quest platform started last Friday after Town Hall.
  • World of Women NFT, the littles NFT, and more were added to the Cool Pets' allowlist giveaway.
  • Cool Cats NFT donated to healthcare workers.
  • Emma provided holiday season illustrations for customizing Cool Cats NFT.
    • She joined the team over a month ago.
    • She helped do a lot of the quest icons for the new platform.




Introduction Announcements



Winter Wonderland

  • The puzzle channel in Discord is back.
  • Winter Wonderland started on Dec. 1.
    • There is a puzzle each day until Dec. 20.
    • Those who answer the puzzle correctly and hold a Cool Cats NFT (including all collaborations, achievements, etc.) are entered to win prizes (merchandise, allowlist spots, etc.).




The Littles NFT Collaboration

  • Cool Cats announced a partnership with the littles NFT.
    • Details are yet to come, but $MILK will be involved in some capacity.
  • Cool Cats NFT inspired the littles NFT. 
  • The littles NFT changed its name because of the Cool Cats NFT. 
    • The name was originally little [a word that sounded like a swear word].


Cool Cats Expansion

  • There are currently job offerings open at https://www.coolcatsnft.com/careers.
    • Full-time lead solidity developer
    • Community manager
    • Full-time react developer
    • UI web designer
    • Illustrator


Beta Testing

  • The team has fixed 121 bugs thus far.
  • The team has implemented enhancements to the home page.
  • The hope is to move into stage two of beta testing soon.
    • This will include a small feature set, but it actually has a lot more to it than it seems.



New Cool Pets Lore

  • This is part two of the cataclysm, written by pMauz.
  • Part one was Tepnu's boat crashing into the island.
  • Ardee (?) and the Wind Disaster
    • The east is a vast desert.
    • Ardee is a lizard who lived out in the desert.
    • Ardee spent years cultivating a solo existence because of unkindness from town dwellers.
    • Meanwhile, Jo the bird volunteered for quest, an important quest for the people of Sapphire town. 
    • Furnados (or fur storms) reached the town. Jo flew out and investigated.
    • The storm was too much for her to handle, and he needed a place to rest.
    • Jo knocked on Ardee's door. She was a gentle soul.
    • Ardee looked at Jo with concern and said the winds are unsettled.
    • He told Jo to return home.
    • Ardee shouted they need to leave now, and he slammed his fist on a button next to his front door.
    • A trap door open and a dune buggy appeared. Jo joined him, and they drove with haste toward Sapphire town.
    • The furnado gained ground on them and their dune buggy.
    • The dune buggy was side swiped, sending it into a spin.
    • The furnado pulled them into the air, and Jo tucked her wings around Ardee, saving him.
    • The furnado narrowly missed the town by a whisker. 
    • A crowd gathered around the unlikely pair. Ardee shuttered uncomfortably. He wanted to go back to the desert.
    • Jo said Ardee saved her and that he can help the town. She offered him a milk.
    • Ardee said, perhaps one milk for the road. Jo walked with him, and Ardee smiled.
    • He used his knowledge of the winds to set up a furnado warning system.
    • Strange eggs started to roll into Sapphire town. 
    • Those who found them felt compelled to protect them, patiently waiting for the day they might hatch.


Q&A Session

In this section, Q indicates a question and A indicates an answer (speaker in parenthesis).

This is a summary, not verbatim.

  • Q: For the residual projects (Cool Cats NFT collabs, achievements, etc.), how much utility does the future hold for them? (LordArugula)
    • A: Cool Cats has done well, which unfortunately does mean some people get priced out of the project. Cool Pets is going to have a lower price point. Adam has also been working on Paper Cats, which is designed to have an infinite mint supply at nearly gas. This is to teach the community about NFTs. Paper Cats will not have specific utility, but they will be taking part in future events. And Cool Pets will have a lot of utility planned out for them. Everything but Paper Cats will have utility. We are going to just keep building out. (xtremetom)
  • Q: Is there an application for other projects to reach out to Cool Cats NFT? (LordArugula)
    • A: The easiest way right now is to DM Amorista. She can get you started on the entire process. (xtremetom)
  • Q: Where are you finding inspiration for the upcoming game? (lamdeforge)
    • A: We have a team of gamers. Before NFTs, we all played games. We love games. I cannot count the number of MMORPGs I've played. Our inspiration comes from games like World of Warcraft, Runescape, Rift, Final Fantasy, Animal Crossing, Mindcraft, Neopets ... I could just keep going. (Lynqoid)
  • Q: Will the littles NFTs be on the same level as Cool Pets? (LiveLans)
    • A: I can only speak with regard to our side. You can earn $GOLD in our system and extract that as $MILK. You can do whatever you want with that. We, at the moment, don't have designs for the littles to come into our universe. I'm not saying we never will. But the $MILK can certainty exit our system. (xtremetom)
    • A: This is exactly the problem we are trying to solve. We provide added utility for those that are holding $MILK. You can bring it into our ecosystem and engage with our gameplay. (wil, from the littles).
  • Q: Do you have a rough estimate of how many Cool Pets will be available? (LiveLans)
    • A: We do. We are looking to make that number public pretty soon. (xtremetom)
  • Q: Are there plans to do a printed and illustrated version of juicy thick lore? (apolaroid.eth)
    • A: Yes, we might change the name of the book, haha. We definitely want to do something with it. It would be amazing if we could do a YouTube web series, but even a simple story book would be so good. (Lynqoid)


Full Recap

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