ICYMI: Cool Cats Town Hall Meeting Summary (November 19, 2021)

ICYMI: Cool Cats Town Hall Meeting Summary (November 19, 2021)
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The Cool Cats NFT hosts an informative Town Hall meeting every Friday at 5 p.m. EST. Below is a summary of the event that took place on November 19, 2021.

Key Takeaways: halloween rewards have been distributed, an DMCA has been issues on a copycat project, two new hires, Tom hurt his arm feeding a hedgehog, the Cool Cats giveaway is still happening, Cool Pets' website, beta testing, and whitelist are coming soon.

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During the Week

Before we dive into this week's Cool Cats Town Hall meeting, let's talk briefly about what happening during the week. 

First, the team issued a DMCA takedown for copycat (pun intended) project Lil Baby Cool Cats. The statement issued by xtremetom can be found below:

As promised I double checked with clon if he issued a DMCA takedown for Lil Baby Cool Cats.

He did.

Discord is always my first port of call to wish everyone GM before I start my day. In this case, I entered Discord unaware of what had transpired. After some back and forth, I promised I would check the state of affairs and get back to you.


Let's break some key points down:

Q: Is Cool Cats affiliated with projects like Neon Cats, Lil Baby Cool Cats, Flipped Cats, etc?
A: No

Q: Are projects allowed to repurpose existing Cool Cat assets?
A: No

Q: Will Cool Cats issue takedown notice to projects that use our likeness, name, branding and IP?
A: Yes

Q: By reporting them, could you lose money?
A: Yes

Q: Are we prepared to work with derivative projects in order to ensure they don’t get delisted?
A: Yes

Q: How best to contact Cool Cats to start working together?
A: hello@coolcatsnft.com

We are very proud of Cool Cats. Not only do we have one the best communities in the NFT space - yes I mean you. We also have some amazing artwork that clon has spent the last 10 years developing. But even more so, it is our responsibility to protect the rights of all Cool Cats owners


If you are creating commissioned works and have contacted the owner of the cat, there is no issue. Our licensing allows for that.

If you wish to create a generative project that is based on Cool Cats in any way, I urge you to please contact us first. Any project that could be mistaken as a Cool Cat collab or works will inherently carry some air of trust. Sadly because rugpulls are a thing, we will have to vet you and your intended use for our works.

If your project intends to leverage the Cool Cat name and or brand, please contact us. Even granting Cool Cats whitelist counts as utilizing the Cool Cats brand and name. As such we will do whatever is required to protect the NFT community and our works.

If in doubt - contact us.


Unfortunately parts of the medium article can easily be misinterpreted. This announcement is intended to help clarify things and our full NFT license can be found on our website very soon.

In order to prevent future misinterpretation, the medium article will be edited.


As Cool Cats grows we would ideally love to work closely with the whole NFT space and use our position to help new developers, artists and of course all you lovely Cool Cats.

Just imagine what we could do with MeowDAO and the wider community. That's where we are looking.

Hope you have a great weekend.

In better news, the Halloween rewards for the costume and pumpkin carving contests finally hit wallets. As always, check your OpenSea transaction history and hidden items if you are expecting to receive this reward but have not yet done so. 




Introduction Announcements

  • Kevin F. has been added to the official Cool Cats' team as an event manager.
    • More announcements are coming soon for Miami's Art Basel.
  • Another new official hire has been added for helping with illustrations (has been part of the team for awhile, but officially making the announcement now).
  • There was a Cool Cats hike event in Los Angeles.
  • 888 revealed a sneak peak of what is to come for the Cool Cats x 888 official collaboration.
    • More details to come soon.
  • clon created a how-to on generative projects.



Tom's Story

  • xtremetom badly hurt his right arm feeding a hedgehog named Spike.
    • He went to feed Spike and tripped over his door frame.
    • xtremetom has been coding with one arm, so he has been slower than normal.



Cool Cats Giveaway Update

  • Cool Cats is launching their website for the 13 Cool Cats giveaway competition.
  • At 5 p.m. EST on Nov. 19, a snapshot happened for the giveaway competition.


Cool Pets Alpha

  • Whitelisting is starting next week for the Cool Pets available for public mint.
    • There will be many different forms of whitelists, from collaborations to contests and competitions.
  • To sign up for the first 100 people to be part of the Cool Pets beta testing team, click here
    • Signing up does not guarantee a spot on the beta testing team.
  • Beta testing is set to start next Friday, November 26.
  • The new Cool Pets website is nearly ready.


Q&A Session

In this section, Q indicates a question and A indicates an answer (speaker in parenthesis).

This is a summary, not verbatim.

  • Q: I use my Cool Cat in my illustrations, as well as my friend's Cool Cat. Is it okay to use these Cool Cats in my illustrations? (sarahscript)
    • A: It is totally fine because you own the Cool Cat and have been given permission to use your friend's Cool Cat. (xtremetom)
  • Q: Will the Cooltopia be the metaverse where Cool Cats can walk around as 3D creatures? (briann)
    • A: What we're releasing is stages in our development process. We're looking at half a year to get out something super polished and nice. I'm not going to directly answer your question, but more stuff is coming. (xtremetom)
  • Q: When chainsaw billboard? (Seinfeld)
    • A: Soon. (clon)
  • Q: Is it possible for an IRL (in real life) meet up? (jay squared)
    • A: I have official events planned for Miami. More information is coming soon. I also have some meetups planned all over the country. (KevinF)
  • Q: Now that Kevin is officially on the team, are these meetups now official Cool Cat meetups? (briann)
    • A: Yes, I think so. We will be making them official events. (KevinF)
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