000.eth ENS Name Sells for More Than $300,000

000.eth ENS Name Sells for More Than $300,000

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is leading the NFT market over the last 24 hours, and now, ENS name 000.eth sold for 300 ETH, or ~$316,000.

The official sale happened at 6:14 p.m. ET on Jul. 3. EtheOS sold to B34D84, which currently holds Blazed Cat #4808, samantha.eth, Bored Ape Yacht Club #3553, and Fidenza #299.

EtheOS minted the ENS name in November 2019 and held it for 753 days.

ENS now has more than 2,000 ETH in total volume traded over the last 24 hours on 5,011 sales. 

This sale follows the sale of porno.eth for 184 ETH a few days ago. It is considered the highest ENS sale to date despite paradigm.eth selling for 420 ETH nine months ago. The paradigm.eth sale is suspicious and not widely accepted as legitimate by the NFT community.

The currently floor price on 999 Club ENS names, or ENS names with only three digits, is currently 32.49 ETH. 999 Club has done more than 780 ETH in total volume traded in the last 24 hours, followed by the 10k Club, or ENS names with only four digits, at 618 ETH.

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