0xdgb Announces 'The Cameras'

0xdgb Announces 'The Cameras'

Artist 0xdgb announced "The Cameras," a new art collection and PFP series, offering collectors the power to select their preferred artwork through a new dynamic contract with Transient Labs. 

The Deets

  • The Cameras utilize the Collectors Choice contract by Transient Labs.
  • Similar in function to @PatrickAmadon’s Doppelgänger, the 'ChangeURI' function allows for artwork selection within an array.
  • A 'Colour Series' introduces 70 distinct cameras for selection; four additional series will follow, totaling 126 camera choices.
  • Once the provided deadline hits, final artwork choices will be permanently set and metadata secured.

The Bulk

Based on a cutting-edge dynamic contract by Transient Labs, dubbed Collectors Choice, "The Cameras" art project allows each NFT holder to point their token to their artwork of choice from an array. With a mechanism paralleling Patrick Amadon’s Doppelgänger, the critical differentiation is the presence of a final deadline. Collectors can toggle their choices until this deadline, post which their decisions are irrevocably set, and metadata is crystallized.

Initially, all mints will display a uniform placeholder artwork. The unveiling process will commence with the 'Colour Series,' a set of 70 cameras flaunting diverse background colors. Subsequent to this, four additional series will gradually surface, amplifying the choice pool to 126 unique cameras. This abundance assures that each collector could ideally possess a unique 1/1 artwork. However, if multiple collectors gravitate towards the same artwork, they'll confront the choice: retain a shared edition or pivot to an exclusive 1/1 artwork.

Once the metadata solidifies, the significance of rarity dissolves, entrusting total control in the hands of the collectors. Every detail, from the total count of each edition to the number of exclusive 1/1s, will be a collective decision, shaped by the preferences of the community.

📊 By the Numbers

For potential investors and collectors, it's important to note the mint details:

  • Total Supply: 70
  • Mint Price: 0.35 ETH
  • Exclusive 48-hour Pre-Sale Mint starts on August 14, giving early access to collectors of 0xdgb’s 1/1 art and a select few.
  • The Public Mint will commence on August 16 at 3:00 p.m. ET. 

🔜 What's Next?

Anticipate key announcements regarding the Mint URL, series revelations, the final choice deadline, and essential instructions on selecting your preferred camera in the coming days. 

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