10M GOLD Set for Penultimate Blast Dapp Distribution

10M GOLD Set for Penultimate Blast Dapp Distribution

Blast announced that 10 million GOLD will be distributed to Dapps in the fourth and penultimate distribution before the Blast airdrop on June 26.

The Deets

  • Dapp Selection: Dapps live on Mainnet were weighted based on several criteria.
  • Category Weights: Spot Dex, SocialFi, GameFi, and more were prioritized.
  • Blast-native Weights: Higher weights for Blast-exclusive Dapps.
  • Dapp Performance: Based on on-chain traction and security.

The Bulk

The fourth distribution of 10 million Gold to Dapps on Mainnet is set to proceed, marking the second-to-last allocation before the anticipated Blast airdrop on June 26. The Dapps were evaluated and weighted through a detailed formula that took into account their category, native status to Blast, overall performance, and incentive effectiveness.

The Category Weight attributed higher importance to Spot Dex and SocialFi with weights of 6 and 5, respectively, while GameFi and Perp Dex were weighted at 3. Categories such as Lending, GambleFi, Miscellaneous, NFT Infra, and RWA received lower weights of 2 or 1.

📊 By the Numbers

Based on the latest distribution, notable personality NFTStats updated his GOLD estimate to $7.36. 

🔜 What's Next?

One more distribution is scheduled prior to the Blast TGE on June 26.

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