A TwelveFold Clone Emerges?

A TwelveFold Clone Emerges?

Outputs very similar to the upcoming NFT art collection "TwelveFold" have been inscribed ahead of Yuga Lab's official release, likely using teaser images and 3D modeling to reconstruct the collection, according to a thread first created by Leonidas.og. 

The Deets

While initially thought to be Yuga's true inscriptions, Leonidas retracted his initial report and a Yuga Labs' employee indicated that the art was not from Yuga in a tweet response

  • The non-Yuga collection images have a "12" drawn in the bottom corner, while Yuga's teasers did not. 
  • There are slight distinctions in the shapes between the two collections. 
  • The "0" in the "/300" on the bottom right corner of the inscription appears to be slightly different from the Yuga teasers. 

❗Why It Matters

While verified ownership is often championed as a signature of NFTs, this incident raises concerns about the ability to authenticate NFTs or Ordinals easily on Bitcoin. The burgeoning NFT ecosystem on Bitcoin is still in its infancy and mistakes can be easily made if users act hastily. 

🔜 What’s Next?

Official details about the release of TwelveFold are still outstanding. Yuga Labs is expected to release them shortly.

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