Aeropostale Files Trademark Applications Involving NFTs

Aeropostale Files Trademark Applications Involving NFTs

Last week, popular clothing brand Aeropostale filed three trademark applications covering downloadable virtual goods and other web3 initiatives, as reported by @eliana_esq.

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Mentioned in the applications are the following items:

Serial Number 97856264:

  • Downloadable virtual goods, namely computer programs featuring footwear, clothing, eyewear, etc.
  • Downloadable media authenticated by NFTs

Serial Number 97856255:

  • Same as 97856264, but filed on the behalf of Aeropax -- a "virtual community created by Aeropostale -- rather than Aeropostale itself. Of note, it appears that this project has since been abandoned, as the website reads, "Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have made the difficult decision to end the AeroPax NFT project." The collection was to consist of 30,000 Aeropax avatars and provide IRL perks.

Serial Number 97856261:

  • Same as previous, but this time focused on "Aeroworld." Aeroworld was to serve as Aeropostale's metaverse, and it was related to the Aeropax project. 

It is currently unclear what the company's future plans for Aeropax and Aeroworld are, if any.

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