Airdrop Szn Continues With Collab.Land

Airdrop Szn Continues With Collab.Land

Collab.Land will retroactively distribute 15 percent of its $COLLAB token to the top 100 engaged web3 communities, according to a blog post from the platform. 

❗Why It Matters

Once the leading token verification platform, Collab.Land has lost some ground to direct competitors like Vulcan and other proxy options like Delegate.Cash. While it may not lead to sustained adoption, anytime tokens are on the line, users and projects are incentivized to utilize the services of the offering party (see also: Blur). 

The Deets

In order to receive the $COLLAB, the Top 100 communities will need to undergo a proposal process, indicating how they plan to creatively, yet fairly distribute the $COLLAB to their respective communities. 

The community list is led by Parallel Finance and Axie Infinity, two robust gaming ecosystems. A full list can be found here.

🎤 Platform Prose

We anticipate that these communities and their leaders will play a core role in $COLLAB governance and as such, allocating a significant portion of the initial distribution to them makes a lot of sense.Collab.Land

🎬 Take Action

Communities wishing to engage in the proposal process can head to the Collab.Land Discord and follow the proposal prompts in the #community-distribution channel. The token claim will be live on Feb. 23. 

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