Fractional Co-Founder Releases PVP NFT Project

Fractional Co-Founder Releases PVP NFT Project

Update: The bug that initially impacted the release of PVP Technology has now been patched. Gameplay is available and entering the arena is now 0.10 ETH. All interactions take place via the smart contract. Entry to the arena is expected to close around 5:00 p.m. ET according to an update from Chorlian. 

Fractional co-founder and NFT personality Andy Chorlian (@Andy8052) announced the release of PVP Technology, an NFT-based side project this morning

PVP Technology features on-chain player-versus-player gaming, starting with "Game 1" a fully on-chain battle royale.

To participate in the battle royale, users must pay 0.10 ETH to "enter the arena," effectively minting their player NFT. Minting will be open for at least four hours according to the announcement, but no official ending time was disclosed. 

Minting is available directly via the project's Etherscan contract page. Once at the contract, users will need to "write" the functions or actions they would like to take. For example, to enter the arena, users must use the "Enter" function via the project's contract. For more examples of how to use Etherscan to interact with smart contracts, refer to our YouTube video

After entering the arena, players will have a variety of participation options, including the ability to flee, attack, and heal HP. Each action within the game occurs as a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain.

The game will officially begin at the conclusion of minting (still to be announced) and will end when there is only one NFT left in the collection. According to an update from Chorlian, 80 percent of all arena entry fees will go to the winning prize pool. 

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