Anime Foundation Will Power Anime Adoption With $MANGA

Anime Foundation Will Power Anime Adoption With $MANGA

The Anime Foundation announced strategic launch partnerships with Animoca Brands and San FranTokyo in its efforts to expand global anime culture via $MANGA. 

The Deets

  • Key partner: Animoca Brands for vast global network in web3
  • Animoca Brands Japan: Access to manga and anime industry resources
  • San FranTokyo: Building a global anime fan community through storytelling
  • Upcoming: More strategic partners to be announced
  • Token powered: Foundation and goal powered by $MANGA

The Bulk

The Anime Foundation is embarking on an ambitious journey to revolutionize the global anime culture. Its initiative, which will be powered by $MANGA, aims to create the largest open ecosystem in this domain. 

To do so, the foundation announced some key strategic launch partners in Animoca Brands, Animoca Brands Japan, and San FranTokyo. 

While the flagship partnership with Animoca Brands helps with wide distribution, the collaboration with Animoca Brands Japan is a critical aspect of this initiative as the entity  brings access to the manga and anime industry, including connections with publishers, studios, and distribution platforms. 

San FranTokyo's role is pivotal in building a bridge to the global anime fan community. They focus on brand storytelling and creating new experiences, essential for engaging millions of anime enthusiasts worldwide.

The Anime Foundation's roadmap includes revealing more strategic industry partners and sharing insights into future plans soon. 

❗Why It Matters 

Interestingly, this is the second "open" anime ecosystem announced in as many months, with hints previously reposted by Azuki that the Weeb3 Foundation will power an open and decentralized anime ecosystem powered by $ANIME. 

🎤 Platform Prose

The Anime Foundation is creating the largest open ecosystem to power global anime culture via $MANGA and we're not doing it alone.The Anime Foundation

🔜 What's Next?

The Anime Foundation is expected to announce more strategic partners and plans in the coming weeks.  

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