Animoca Brands and Konig Partner on Interoperable NFTs

Animoca Brands and Konig Partner on Interoperable NFTs

Grease Monkey Games, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, has partnered with Konig to introduce the first-ever interoperable wheel NFTs to Torque Drift 2, a racing game that uses blockchain technology to offer true digital ownership, according to a release from Animoca Brands

The Deets

The release pushes Torque Drift 2, the official on-chain game for Formula DRIFT into the limelight. Additional details include:

  • The NFT drop will feature eight of the most popular Konig wheels.
  • The collection will be released on the Polygon blockchain. 
  • Konig-licensed NFTs will be interoperable with Torque Burnout and Torque Drift, the previous mobile titles developed by Grease Monkey Games. 

❗Why It Matters

The partnership between Grease Monkey Games and Konig to introduce the first-ever interoperable wheel NFTs to Torque Drift 2 and other games in the Torque Motorsport games franchise is a significant development for the world of NFTs and blockchain gaming. It brings together two leading brands in the gaming and automotive industries, allowing players to experience true digital ownership and asset interoperability. Furthermore, the partnership allows for the introduction of the Konig-licensed NFTs which may appeal to a demographic beyond the existing web3 gaming participants. 

🎤 Founder Feedback

We are honored to partner with Konig to launch NFTs for Torque Drift 2 based on some of the best available wheels in the world of racing. The NFTs will offer our players a new way to engage with our games, and the interoperability across all our titles will allow players to own and use their NFTs in a variety of waysArran Potter

🔜 What’s Next?

Holders of Premium Keychain NFTs will gain exclusive access to Torque Drift 2 when it launhces in the first half of 2023, prior to the public beta release. 

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