Animoca Brands Edtech Company Leans Into AI

Animoca Brands Edtech Company Leans Into AI

TinyTap, an Animoca Brands subsidiary, launched new AI features to enhance educational content creation and connect with Open Campus Publisher NFTs. 

The Deets

  • AI “Prompt-to-Game” Feature: Enables quick educational game creation based on a user-provided topic.
  • Web3 Integration: Collaboration with Open Campus for production of Publisher NFTs.
  • Improved Earning Opportunities: Allows educators to earn from the content they create.
  • Future Roadmap: AI "Prompt-to-Text/Image" and "Practice Anywhere" features coming soon.

The Bulk

TinyTap, a leading edtech platform under Animoca Brands, is leaning toward the future of educational technology with its recently launched AI features. At the forefront is the AI “Prompt-to-Game” functionality, accessible at TinyTap AI. Users input a topic, and within minutes, a comprehensive TinyTap educational game is generated. The feature draws from an extensive database, rooted in 10 years of data, to ensure the educational validity of the games generated.

Alongside these AI advancements, TinyTap is delving into the web3 universe via a strategic partnership with Open Campus. This collaboration aims to create Publisher NFTs, which in turn provide new financial avenues for educators. Teachers can thus earn directly from the content they produce, leveling up their earning opportunities significantly.

But that's not all—TinyTap has an ambitious future roadmap. Slated for release in September 2023, the AI “Prompt-to-Text/Image” feature will allow creators to generate vivid imagery for their educational games. Moreover, "Practice Anywhere" AI tools are in the pipeline for 2024, aiming to convert existing media into educational material.

🎤 Founder Feedback

As in various other fields, AI presents some terrific opportunities for edtech. Integrating AI into TinyTap allows us to scale up educational opportunities with customized programs tailored for each learner. More efficiently produced content means a larger education library, which will also help teachers to earn more on TinyTap.Yat Siu

🔜 What's Next?

Keep an eye out for the upcoming AI "Prompt-to-Text/Image" feature in September 2023 and the "Practice Anywhere" tools set to launch in 2024.

🎬 Take Action

If you’re an educator interested in leveraging these advanced features, head to the TinyTap AI Prompt-to-Game landing page to get started.

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