Animoca Brands Japan Launching Anime Efigurines

Animoca Brands Japan Launching Anime Efigurines

Animoca Brands Japan will launch "Liar, Liar" anime character efigurine NFTs on Weebox in San FranTokyo.

The Deets

  • New Offering: Digital efigurines of 'Liar, Liar' anime characters.
  • Physical Link: Each NFT linked to a physical figurine via a Physical Backed Token (PBT).
  • Limited Edition: Only 1,000 NFTs per character.
  • Launch Date: Scheduled for March 2024.

The Bulk

Animoca Brands Japan announced March 2024 will mark the release of limited edition efigurine NFTs featuring characters from the popular TV anime "Liar, Liar." These NFTs will be made available through Weebox, the first flagship store in the decentralized city San FranTokyo.

Each NFT is tied to a corresponding physical figurine through a new Ethereum token standard, the Physical Backed Token (PBT). This allows NFT holders the opportunity to claim a tangible version of their digital asset. The limited edition efigurines feature popular characters like Himeji Shirayuki, Saionji Sarasa, and Shiina Tsumugi, with only 1,000 NFTs available for each character.

🔜 What's Next?

Animoca Brands Japan has yet to announce the specific pricing and additional availability details for the 'Liar, Liar' efigurines. These are expected to be revealed closer to the launch date.

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