Animoca Brands Japan, Square Enix Enter Agreement

Animoca Brands Japan, Square Enix Enter Agreement

Animoca Brands Japan and SQUARE ENIX signed a memorandum of understanding to boost global marketing and adoption of the Symbiogenesis game and its associated NFTs.

The Deets

  • Strategic Collaboration: Enhanced global reach for Symbiogenesis via expert marketing and partnerships.
  • Game Integration: Use of 10,000 unique NFTs as in-game avatars and progression tools.
  • Expertise Utilization: Leveraging Animoca Brands' vast network for broader market penetration.
  • Community Engagement: Interactive platforms and community-driven events to bolster user involvement.

The Bulk

Animoca Brands Japan is now collaborating with SQUARE ENIX to elevate the Symbiogenesis project, a high-fantasy game featuring 10,000 NFT characters.

These characters are not only collectibles but also serve as gateways into the SYMBIOGENESIS universe, where players can explore, interact, and progress through various in-game challenges and storylines.

The partnership aims to harness Animoca Brands' extensive expertise in global NFT markets to drive adoption and create a seamless integration of NFTs into the gaming experience, enhancing player engagement and the overall value of the game's digital assets.

ğŸŽ¤ Founder Feedback

This collaboration with Animoca Brands Japan will set a new standard for NFTs in gaming, offering our players unique, customizable experiences that enhance engagement and enjoyment.Naoyuki Tamate, Producer at SQUARE ENIX

🔜 What's Next? 

Animoca Brands Japan will support Symbiogenesis on its NFT launchpad later this year. Dates have not yet been provided. 

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