Animoca Brands Partners With ONE Championship on Web3 Mobile Game

Animoca Brands Partners With ONE Championship on Web3 Mobile Game

ONE Championship, Animoca Brands, and Notre Game have partnered to create an NFT-powered mobile game, ONE Fight Arena.

The Deets

  • ONE Fight Arena to be developed by Notre Game
  • Player testing begins Q4 2023, global launch in Q1 2024
  • Optional Web3 integration for true digital ownership of game assets
  • Free-to-play mobile game available on Google Play and Apple's App Store
  • First-person point of view with a focus on strategic gameplay

The Details

ONE Fight Arena, a new mobile game developed by Notre Game, will give players an immersive first-person point of view as they select from a variety of ONE athletes and develop their martial arts careers. The game will be available for free on Google Play and Apple's App Store, with player testing starting in Q4 2023 and a full global launch in Q1 2024.

Unlike traditional sports games, ONE Fight Arena will focus more on strategic gameplay. Players who want true digital ownership of game assets can opt for Web3 integration, which uses blockchain technology and NFTs to provide true ownership of in-game assets like ONE athletes.

For those who do not wish to engage in the web3 layer, ONE Fight Arena will still be available as a traditional free-to-play mobile game without true ownership of digital assets.

❗️Why It Matters

The move marks the second notable partnership in the last week for Animoca Brands in the world of professional fighting and martial arts, this time though for a mobile game. Interestingly, the ONE Fight Arena game will come with the optionality to participate with the web3 components or not, similar in nature to the way Dr. Disrespect is working on Midnight Society. The convergence of gaming and NFTs is becoming more topical by the day, but many gamers still uphold the narrative that they "don't want anything to do with NFTs." This type of optionality may become more normal in that it offers both demographics (those that are open to owning in-game assets, and those that don't) the option to participate how they wish. 

🎬 Take Action

Fans interested in becoming early adopters and joining the ONE Fight Arena community on Discord can sign up via this link:

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