Animoca Brands Partners With T&B Media

Animoca Brands Partners With T&B Media

Animoca Brands and T&B Media Global announced a strategic partnership to enhance digital property rights in the gaming and open metaverse, starting with NFT cross-promotion of their flagship NFT projects. 

The Deets

  • Strategic Collaboration: Aimed at enhancing digital property rights in gaming and the open metaverse.
  • Initial Phase: Cross-promotion between Animoca Brands’ Mocaverse and T&B's Mittaria NFT collections.
  • Future Plans: Exploring opportunities on LightLink network for Web3 interoperability.
  • Additional Cooperation: Potential for further collaborations within their extensive networks and ecosystems.

The Bulk

Animoca Brands and T&B Media Global, a prominent IP company, are joining forces to advance the integration and usability of NFTs and blockchain technology in gaming and the open metaverse. The partnership will commence with a cross-promotion between Animoca Brands’ Mocaverse and T&B’s Mittaria, leveraging their extensive networks to enhance community engagement and awareness.

Moreover, both entities are set to explore the potential of LightLink, a high-performance blockchain network, to further their web3 capabilities. This venture not only expands their individual reach but also enhances the interoperability and user experience across multiple platforms, indicating a significant step towards a more integrated and user-friendly metaverse.

🎤 Founder Feedback

We're not just merging communities; we're pioneering a new era of digital property rights and user experience.Yat Siu, Co-Founder, Animoca Brands

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