Animoca, Daehong Communications Partnering

Animoca, Daehong Communications Partnering

Animoca Brands and Daehong Communications will collaborate to foster Lotte Group's expansion in web3.

The Deets

  • Animoca Brands aligns with Daehong Communications for a Strategic Commercial Partnership. 
  • The collaboration aims to enhance the Web3 ecosystem of Daehong Communications and Lotte.
  • Animoca Brands' Mocaverse and Daehong's Bellygom are the primary focuses.
  • Both entities will explore blockchain-related opportunities across gaming, loyalty, and ticketing.

The Bulk

Animoca Brands has teamed up with Daehong Communications, a prominent marketing and advertising firm associated with Lotte Group in South Korea. This newly formed partnership targets the growth and enhancement of the web3 ecosystem for both Daehong Communications and Lotte. The strategy starts with Bellygom, Lotte Homeshopping's NFT venture run by Daehong Communications, and will involve close collaboration with Animoca Brands' flagship NFT initiative, Mocaverse.

Together, Animoca Brands and Daehong Communications intend to utilize a range of blockchain-related technologies, products, and services to create a comprehensive product array. This venture aims to offer a flawless virtual experience across the Lotte group, spanning areas such as gaming, loyalty programs, and ticketing.

Daehong Communications, with its intent to broaden its Web3 footprint both domestically and internationally, is emphasizing augmented gamified experiences within Bellygom's subsequent collection titled "BellyLand". This enhancement will be possible through Animoca Brands' blockchain-infused game titles and notable projects like Mocaverse.

🔜 What's Next?

As the partnership unfolds, expect deeper exploration of blockchain-related business opportunities, especially in loyalty and ticketing sectors.

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