Animoca Shares Investor Update

Animoca Shares Investor Update

Animoca Brands reported a boost in its 2022 fiscal year bookings to about US $402 million, a gain of more than $100 million from its 2021 bookings. The bookings do not include unrealized gains of digital assets and are not subject to International Financial Reporting Standards. 

The Deets

  • Bookings Increase: From $291 million in FY2021 to $402 million in FY2022.
  • Cash & Stablecoin Reserves: $191 million.
  • Digital Assets: Tokens and reserves from The Sandbox, and other Animoca Brand-related tokens account for more than $2 billion. 
  • New Business Line: Web3 services business launched to advise Web2 companies and contributed approximately US$120 million in bookings.

The Bulk

Animoca Brands reported its financial performance for its fiscal year 2022. The conglomerate's portfolio, which includes The Sandbox, GAMEE, REVV Motorsport, and many others, achieved bookings, a financial accounting used frequently by gaming companies, of $402 million, marking an increase from $291 million in the previous year. Bookings represent total sales activity including income and deferred revenue. It is not subject to International Financial Reporting Standards. 

Additionally, Animoca Brands has diversified into web3 services, aiming to be a major solution for web2 companies that wish to make their imprint on web3 companies. This new business line alone contributed around $120 million to the bookings.

The investor update also noted six major acquisitions from Animoca, including Grease Monkey Games and Tiny Tap, as well as new product developments like the release of its Mocaverse NFT collection

📊 By the Numbers

The company showed a 38.7% increase in bookings from FY2021 to FY2022.

🔜 What's Next 

Animoca Brands will host an Investor Day in Sydney, Australia on Sept. 11 and is working on completing and making public the audited financial records from 2021. 

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