ApeCoin Special Council Elections Move Forward

ApeCoin Special Council Elections Move Forward
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The initial phase of voting for the ApeCoin Special Council and Governance Working Group successfully concluded.

The Deets

  • Two sets of voting results are now available: Special Council Nominations and Governance Working Group Steward Nominations.
  • The second round of elections, including the top five nominees, will occur from June 22-28.
  • This round will feature single choice voting, allowing voters to select just one candidate.

The Bulk

The democratic process for ApeCoin continues to unfold. The project recently completed its first round of voting for the ApeCoin Special Council and Governance Working Group. The results for these crucial community roles can be found in full here.

The Special Council's role is to oversee and coordinate the broad strokes of the project's development, while the Governance Working Group Stewards are entrusted with more specialized areas of operation.

The second round of voting, based on the provisions of AIP-138: The Special Council Election Process, will kick off today and run until June 28. This stage will spotlight the top five nominees from both categories, with the community given the opportunity to vote for their preferred candidates.

Unlike the first round, the upcoming voting will adopt a single choice format, allowing voters to support just one nominee.

📊 By the Numbers

The top five vote getters for Special Council included ThreadGuy, swickie, and capetaintrippy...three widely known voices in the web3 community. 

🔜 What's Next?

Community members should prepare for the second round of elections, where their voice can contribute to the project's future. Every vote counts!

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