ApeCoin Voting for Staking & Special Council Concludes

ApeCoin Voting for Staking & Special Council Concludes

ApeCoin announced it has asked Horizon Labs to delay the staking of ApeCoin/Yuga assets to be delayed until the conclusion of the AIP-134 bug bounty according to a recent tweet.

The creator of AIP-134 let it be known that the bug bounty program should take about three weeks to come to its conclusion, meaning that ApeCoin now suggests the staking for ApeCoin to be delayed at least three weeks until Nov. 22.

Also passed was AIP-137 and AIP-138, signaling that the Ape Foundation will begin to establish a nomination and election process to choose its Special Council.

The team plans to implement and share the process for the voting and nominating at an undisclosed time tomorrow. 

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