Arbitrum Foundation Partners with DPOP Studios for NEW HERE

Arbitrum Foundation Partners with DPOP Studios for NEW HERE

The Arbitrum Foundation is partnering with DPOP Studios to unveil NEW HERE, a film that melds art, gaming, fashion, and music with blockchain and AI technologies.

The Deets

  • Partnership Launch: Collaboration for the film NEW HERE and its engaging pre-release content.
  • NEW HERE SHORTS: A series of 11 short films introducing the CryptoArt world.
  • GLIMPSES: Interactive open-edition art pieces linked to the SHORTS.
  • Community Engagement: Innovative experiences and rewards for audience participation.

The Bulk

The Arbitrum Foundation and DPOP Studios are setting a new precedent in the intersection of digital culture and media. NEW HERE aims to be more than film, but also an exploration of digital culture's impact through the lens of blockchain and AI.

This partnership introduces NEW HERE SHORTS and GLIMPSES to engage audiences before the film's official release.

NEW HERE SHORTS will serve as a bridge for those new to CryptoArt, offering immersive short films that highlight leading figures in the art scene. These films are set to create a unique, interactive experience for viewers, premiering throughout 2024.

GLIMPSES, on the other hand, are interactive art pieces that evolve with the audience's engagement with the SHORTS. These will be available for minting on Zora, emphasizing the blend of digital ownership with entertainment.

ğŸŽ¤ Founder Feedback

We're ready to push the boundaries of how we interact with story-driven media, engaging audiences in unprecedented ways.Dan Sickles, Founder of DPOP Studios

ğŸŽ¬ Take Action

Engage with the NEW HERE universe by participating in the GLIMPSES minting event at ETH Denver on March 1, 2024, and stay tuned for the NEW HERE SHORTS release throughout 2024.

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