Art Blocks Overhauls BytecodeStorage Library

Art Blocks Overhauls BytecodeStorage Library

Art Blocks, a pioneer in the generative NFT art space, is updating its BytecodeStorage library to enhance on-chain storage capabilities for the platform.

The Deets

  • Building on existing SSTORE2 libraries, Art Blocks introduces BytecodeStorage V1.
  • The new model separates reads and writes into different libraries.
  • It aims to align with Ethereum's core roadmap and the upcoming Ethereum Object Format (EOF) specifications.
  • The enhanced library will provide an immutable shared public utility for backwards-compatible pre-EOF reads.

The Bulk

Art Blocks, a renowned platform for on-demand creation of generative NFT art, is innovating its on-chain storage system. The platform is introducing BytecodeStorage V1, a significant overhaul of the existing storage library.

The new library, built upon the SSTORE2 libraries, separates reads and writes into individual libraries. This unique approach allows for enhanced efficiency and increased flexibility in the platform's storage capabilities.

Art Blocks' move is designed to align with the Ethereum core roadmap and the upcoming Ethereum Object Format (EOF) specifications. The EOF roadmap aims to improve Ethereum's smart contract functionality, and Art Blocks is ensuring its storage system aligns with these imminent changes.

To enhance usability, BytecodeStorage V1 will act as an immutable shared public utility, supporting backwards-compatible pre-EOF reads. This function will ensure Art Blocks' storage system remains compatible and efficient even as Ethereum evolves.

🧐 Wait, What?

Okay, let's simplify this. Imagine a city library. You've got books (data) being stored in specific locations (storage contracts). Now, the city council (Ethereum coredevs) have decided to change the way libraries operate, introducing a new plan called EOF (Ethereum Object Format).

This change means that the current system of organizing and accessing books will change. In the tech world, this is like a new protocol for how data is stored and accessed.

Art Blocks' BytecodeStorage is like a special library card that allows you to access and write (store) these books. But with the new EOF plan, the old library card (BytecodeStorage V0) would need to be updated. So, they are introducing a new library card (BytecodeStorage V1) that aligns with the EOF plan.

In the future, when the EOF plan is fully implemented, they'll introduce another updated card (BytecodeStorage V2) to ensure smooth transition and access to the library's books.

To make the transition smooth, they've built a reader (shared utility) that allows people to read books written with the old and the new library card. This means, whether the book was stored using the old or new system, you can still access it.

And in the future, when the new plan is fully in place, you'll need to use a different method (CALL instead of DELEGATECALL) to access these books.

Essentially, Art Blocks is preparing for a big change in the Ethereum world by updating their tools and methods to ensure everything works seamlessly during and after the transition. They're keeping their library accessible and functional, no matter what changes come their way.

❗Why It Matters

Art Blocks' advancements in on-chain storage signal a significant step in optimizing blockchain capabilities. The update aligns with Ethereum's upcoming changes, ensuring Art Blocks remains at the forefront of the evolving NFT and blockchain technologies.

📊 By the Numbers

Art Blocks is a major player in the NFT art space, having sold over 250,000 pieces of generative art since its inception in 2021.

🔜 What's Next?

Art Blocks will continue to refine the BytecodeStorage V1 in line with the EOF roadmap. The platform encourages open-source contributions and community involvement in its ongoing development process.



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