AtomicHub Announces Game Fest

AtomicHub Announces Game Fest

AtomicHub, WAX's leading web3 marketplace, will launch its inaugural AtomicHub Game Fest, a week-long event featuring seven significant web3-powered games on the WAX blockchain according to a press release shared with Lucky Trader. 

The Deets

  • AtomicHub Game Fest starts June 19 with a $3,000+ prize pool.
  • Web3 games such as Acryptia, Avalon, Blockchain Brawlers, CritterCraft, Dark Country, The Forge Arena, and Warsaken are participating.
  • This event is the first in a planned quarterly series of gaming festivals on various blockchains.
  • Collaborations with community leaders, streamers, and influencers aimed at creating an immersive gaming experience.

The Bulk

The games, spanning across various genres, provide a versatile portfolio catering to all tastes. Participants will not only indulge in interactive gameplay but also compete for a cash prize pool and exclusive NFTs.

AtomicHub's collaboration with the WAX blockchain adds further substance to the event. WAX's CEO, William Quigley, applauded the initiative as a significant milestone for the platform.

Why It Matters

AtomicHub's Game Fest signals a significant leap forward in blockchain gaming, bridging mainstream gamers with web3 gaming experiences. Its success could propel web3 gaming to the forefront of the industry, driving further growth in blockchain gaming.

Community Quotes

As a team full of gamers, we live and breathe web3 gaming. It’s a huge part of our vision for the future. We are building AtomicHub to become the go-to marketplace for gaming and collectibles. We’re excited to launch our first AtomicHub Game Fest to bring our community together to celebrate some of the most amazing games on the WAX blockchain.Jona Wilmsmann, Co-Founder at AtomicHub


📊 By the Numbers

AtomicHub, since its inception in 2020, has witnessed over $560MM in NFT trades across more than 23MM secondary market sales, with 250K+ monthly active users.

🎬 Take Action

Interested in participating in the AtomicHub Game Fest? Visit for full details on how to enter, the games involved, and the prize pool breakdown.



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