Babylon Releases Open Gallery Feature

Babylon Releases Open Gallery Feature

Babylon has launched its "Open Gallery," enabling any artists worldwide to showcase and sell their artwork on the previously curated only platform. 

The Deets

  • Users must first create a Babylon account and pass verification
  • Babylon takes a 5% listing fee. 
  • Those who utilize a greater fee will have work promoted more prominently in Open Gallery 

The Details

To begin using Babylon's Open Gallery, artists must first create a Babylon account and go through the platform's verification process. Once verified, they are free to create, set up, and schedule drops on their own terms. Babylon's Open Gallery offers artists a chance to reach a wider audience and sell their art in a decentralized marketplace.

Babylon charges a 5% listing fee to the artist for utilizing its platform. According to Babylon, this fee makes the platform more accessible and inclusive for artists across the globe.

Artists looking to promote their drops on Babylon can pledge more than the minimum 5% fee. In return, their artwork will be featured more prominently in the Open Gallery, increasing its visibility and potential for sales.

Babylon has previously hosted curated drops from notable artists like Terrell Jones, Danguiz, and more. 

Why It Matters

Babylon's Open Gallery provides more inclusive and accessible platform for artists to showcase and sell their work. In a time where NFTs feel more "fungible" than not, indivdiual marketplaces and curation platforms like Babylong, Escher, and Sansa are gaining share amongst art collectors and traders. Babylon opens its gates to a larger audience by removing some of the walls previously installed on its platform. 

🎬 Take Action

To get started, visit the Open Gallery at

Interested artists can create a Babylon account, and complete the verification process to get their work on the platform. 

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