Base Launches: The Onchain Summer Begins

Base Launches: The Onchain Summer Begins

Coinbase's Base network officially opens for bridging today, with the mainnet launch set for August 9 complete with an on-chain festival to celebrate. 

The Deets

  • Base opens for bridging and mainnet launch on August 9.
  • Onchain Summer, a month-long onchain festival to celebrate Base's launch, begins the same day.
  • PropHouse partners with Base to offer 100+ ETH in grants for builders and creators.
  • Superhack, a virtual hackathon with $125,000 in prizes, is scheduled for August 4-18.
  • NFT mints planned from notable brands like Coca-Cola, Atari, and more. 

The Bulk

Base, a platform aiming to enhance the global economy by increasing economic freedom and leveling the playing field, is now open for bridging. Its mainnet launch is set for August 9, marking the official start of its operations.

In celebration of Base's launch, a month-long onchain festival called Onchain Summer is kicking off. Organized by some of the most innovative builders, brands, products, artists, and creators, the festival promises daily onchain activities highlighting various aspects such as art, music, gaming, and advocacy.

Base, in partnership with PropHouse, is offering over 100 ETH in grants to incentivize builders and creators to participate and innovate on the Base platform throughout the summer. These grants focus on diverse initiatives including art creation, protocol deployment, advocacy for sensible legislation, and user experience improvement through account abstraction.

Furthermore, Base, along with other Superchain members, is hosting a virtual hackathon called Superhack from August 4-18. This event will feature $125,000 in prizes, further motivating the community to innovate and create on Base.

❗Why It Matters

 Base's mainnet launch and the initiation of Onchain Summer represent key steps in advancing the onchain initatives. 

💰 Money Talks

Superhack, a virtual hackathon organized by Base and other Superchain members, offers a total of $125,000 in prizes to spur innovation and creativity in the onchain space.

🔜 What's Next?

As Base opens for bridging today, it gears up for its mainnet launch on August 9, which will mark the commencement of Onchain Summer and a series of grant and hackathon opportunities.

🎬 Take Action

To get ready for Onchain Summer and Base Mainnet, you need a crypto wallet with ETH on Base. You can bridge to Base through various platforms such as Onchain Summer, Base Bridge, Quests on Coinbase, Galxe, Layer3, and Coinbase released a commemorative NFT to celebrate the event. 

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