Base Remains Committed to Decentralization via Superchain

Base Remains Committed to Decentralization via Superchain

Base, Coinbase's Ethereum L2, shared more on its commitment to decentralization, enhancing global economic freedom through the open-source OP Stack and collaboration with the Optimism Collective.

The Deets

  • Open Source Development: Base builds on the OP Stack in partnership with the Optimism Collective, aiming for a decentralized onchain ecosystem.
  • The Superchain Vision: Aiming for interoperability and scalability across Ethereum chains to support the next million developers and billion users.
  • Technical and Governance Innovations: Includes technical improvements for decentralization and a unique governance structure to avoid centralization.
  • Supporting Public Goods: A portion of Base sequencer revenue is dedicated to the Optimism Collective for ecosystem growth.

The Bulk

Base reaffirmed its commitment to achieving a decentralized, global, and open onchain economy. By leveraging the open-source OP Stack, developed in collaboration with the Optimism Collective, Base is laying the foundation for scalable Ethereum and the broader onchain ecosystem. This effort includes significant contributions to OP Stack's scalability and Layer 2 decentralization, moving from a centralized "Stage 0" to a fully decentralized "Stage 2" model.

The vision of the "Superchain" – a network of interoperable chains enhancing Ethereum's scalability – is central to Base's philosophy. By fostering a web of rollups and Layer 2 solutions, Base and Optimism aim to create a seamless user experience across chains, enabling developers and users to thrive in a decentralized future.

Base is not just about technological advancement; it's also about building a fair and open economic system. This includes a commitment to the Law of Chains, a set of standards ensuring neutrality and security across the Superchain. Governance structures like the 2-2 multisig for contract upgrades and a 1-2 challenger key structure for output proposal validity are innovative steps towards decentralization.

ğŸŽ¤ Platform Prose

Base is committed to furthering the Superchain vision of an open, global and onchain economy via decentralization. Through our joint efforts with the Optimism Collective, we aim to create a more resilient foundation for the OP Stack and the Superchain.Base

🔜 What's Next?

Base continues to work on technical improvements and governance models to fully realize its vision of a decentralized, interoperable, and scalable Superchain. The focus is on onboarding the next million developers and billion users.

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