Binance Joins AI NFT Meta

Binance Joins AI NFT Meta

Binance released an AI product, Bicasso, that allows users to generate and mint NFTs utilizing AI, according to a tweet from CEO Changpeng Zhao

❗Why It Matters

The rise of AI has created considerable efficiencies for many minor tasks, while opening the floodgates for creatives with a willingness to prompt our eventual overlords (just a joke). Image creation has been one of the most popularly explored AI-features with users flocking to programs like Stable Diffusion and Midjourney to generate images without any technical expertise. Now with Bicasso, users can do the same and generate a PFP NFT. 

The Deets

Bicasso is in beta right now and users are limited to 10,000 PFP mints in total. 


🎤Community Quotes

I love #Bicasso! It's so easy and fun to create NFTs with AI. 🥰Yuki Elliot

🎬 Take Action

Want to give Bicasso a try? Check it out here.

Note: Interest in Bicsaso has led to some issues with downtime. 

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