Binance, The Weeknd Take Web3 On Tour

Binance, The Weeknd Take Web3 On Tour

The Weeknd is teaming up with Binance to bring his record-smashing "After Hours Til Dawn" tour to Australia and New Zealand, where the pair will introduce more Souvenir and Tour NFTs for fan engagement. 

The Deets

  • Souvenir NFTs: Exclusively for attendees, serving as digital keepsakes that unlock exclusive perks.
  • Tour NFTs: Independent from Souvenir NFTs and available for global fans, each features unique art and elements.
  • Enter The Dimension: A virtual space featuring a Dimension Puzzle Box and Metaverse Dimension for interactive fan engagement.
  • Tour Dates: Scheduled for Australia and New Zealand in November and December 2023.

The Bulk

After touring across North America and Europe, The Weeknd is bringing his After Hours Til Dawn tour to Australia and New Zealand. The massive global tour is sponsored by Binance, which is utilizing the tour to try and revolutionize fan interactions with web3. 

At the heart of this collaboration are two types of NFTs: Souvenir and Tour NFTs. Souvenir NFTs serve as digital mementos for concert-goers, offering chances to win autographed merchandise and even VIP access. On the other hand, Tour NFTs are designed for a broader audience and are set to be unveiled later this year, featuring a series of eye-catching visual art.

Lastly, the tour offers a feature called "Enter The Dimension." This virtual playground comprises various interactive elements, including the Dimension Puzzle Box and the Metaverse Dimension. Whether you're solving image cubes or exploring virtual realms, the aim is to redefine how fans experience music and entertainment.

🔥 Hot Taek

In different market conditions, this headline would be fetching much more attention. However, Binance's reputation and a brutal bear market make a bad recipe for sharing positive stories. The Weeknd isn't the first artist to open the doors to web3 and NFTs at concerts, but he's certainly the biggest. Web3 could do worse. 

🎤Founder Feedback

The Weeknd is widely recognized for his innovative and unique contributions to the music industry. We are excited to be able to partner with the 'After Hours Til Dawn' tour to unlock the power of web3 and champion special fan experiencesRachel Conlan, VP of Global Marketing at Binance

📊 By the Numbers 

More than 15,000 Souvenir NFTs have been claimed by Weeknd concert attendees since the tour began last year. Souvenir NFTs are not tradeable or transferrable. 

🎬Take Action

Attending a concert in Australia or New Zealand? Be sure to claim your Souvenir NFT. 

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