Blast Details Second Gold Distribution

Blast Details Second Gold Distribution

Blast will distribute 10 million Gold to Dapps this week using a newly introduced Incentive Weight system.

The Deets

  • Incentive Weight Introduced: Aimed at improving how Dapps design incentives.
  • Criteria Published in Advance: Dapps can optimize their incentives before distribution.
  • Community Involvement: Members can report suspicious activities and provide feedback.
  • Future Mechanisms: Plans to allocate Gold to token and NFT projects soon.

The Bulk

Blast Network is set to distribute 10 million Gold among Dapps that live on Mainnet, determined by a meticulous new formula that incorporates Category Weight, Blast-native Weight, Dapp Weight, and the all-new Incentive Weight.

The introduction of the Incentive Weight allows the network to address the effectiveness of Gold distribution, ensuring Dapps are rewarded based on the quality and fairness of their incentives.

With this strategic move, Blast aims to promote greater transparency and fairness in the allocation of resources, which will, in turn, encourage Dapps to improve their offerings.

The network has detailed the specific issues it aims to address, including the misuse of Gold in incentivizing token or NFT ownership, using Gold to indirectly promote revenue, and the need to avoid non-transparent insider dealings.

📊 By the Numbers

Dapps are categorized and weighted in various fields like Spot Dex (6) and SocialFi (4), down to NFT Infra (1), affecting their share of the 10 million Gold based on performance and alignment with Blast's standards.

ğŸŽ¤ Platform Prose

We've introduced a new Incentive Weight for this distribution, and we're sharing the criteria in advance so Dapps can improve their incentive design ahead of time.Blast

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