Blast Unveils New Gold Jackpot for Token and NFT Holders

Blast Unveils New Gold Jackpot for Token and NFT Holders

Blast introduced "Blast Jackpot" for Blast-based token and NFT holders, featuring total prizes of more than 1 million Blast GOLD. 

The Deets

  • Eligibility: Open to all Blast token and NFT holders.
  • Mechanism: Participation through adding up to 8 tokens or NFTs to your "Deck."
  • Random Reward: Jackpot hits are block-based, with a random asset selection determining winners.
  • Growing Jackpot: Starting at 1,000,000 Gold, increasing over time.

The Bulk

Blast added a new offering - an exclusive Jackpot for NFT and token holders on its L2.

In just more than two months since its launch, Blast has amassed a significant user base with more than 907,018 participants and greater than $2.64 billion deposited. 

To foster deeper community engagement and reward its loyal user base, Blast  introduced a unique Jackpot mechanism. Token and NFT holders can increase their chances of winning by adding more assets to their "Deck," enhancing their stake in the random selection process. 

During every block, the Jackpot "spins," presenting the opportunity to select communities to win a portion of the GOLD. 

Thus far Pacmoon holders and others have already earned their share of GOLD via the Jackpot. 

🎬 Take Action 

Users can add NFTs or tokens to their decks and learn more by visiting the Blast Jackpot page. 

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