Blowfish Studios Unveils PHANTOM GALAXIES™

Blowfish Studios Unveils PHANTOM GALAXIES™

Blowfish Studios, an Animoca Brands subsidiary, is launching its AAA multiplayer game PHANTOM GALAXIES™ to the Epic Game Store on Nov. 2.

The Deets

  • Game Offering: A free-to-play web3-enabled version on its official website and the Epic Games Store, and a non-Web3 version on Steam.
  • Genre & Gameplay: Multiplayer sci-fi action-RPG featuring mecha combat.
  • Backdrop: After an interstellar war, players join the Ranger Squadron, piloting a mechanized Starfighter against various adversaries in space.

The Bulk

Developed by Blowfish Studios, PHANTOM GALAXIES™ takes players to an expansive online universe, diving into mecha combats, all underpinned by a web3 integration.

Joining the game post-interstellar war, players step into the shoes of an ensign in the Ranger Squadron. Their mission? Fend off a myriad of space threats, from Junkers and Brooksea to the fearsome Xanorra and Sha'har zealots.

Gamers can craft unique characters, tweak their Starfighters, and collaborate with other online pilots. Players have a multitude of mecha types at their disposal, catering to diverse combat styles and strategies.

🔜 What's Next?

Gamers can set their calendars for Nov. 2 when PHANTOM GALAXIES™ launches. 

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