Blur Launches on Blast

Blur Launches on Blast

Blur officially launched a new NFT marketplace on Blast, offering Blast Points and 2 million in GOLD rewards.

The Deets

  • Chain Switching: Trade Blast NFTs by switching chains directly on Blur
  • Blast Points and GOLD: Earn points through listing, bidding, and purchasing NFTs
  • Points Hidden: The farming rewards remain hidden until end of the season. 

The Bulk

Blur unveiled the addition of Blast L2, allowing users to trade Blast NFTs on the leading ETH NFT marketplace. By participating with Blur on Blast, traders can earn Blast Points, which accumulate through active trading and bidding on NFTs. 

In addition to the Blast Points, Blast allocated a substantial sum of 2 million GOLD to incentivize early adopters and frequent traders on the platform. 

Users that deposit to the Blur Pool on Blast will still earn the native yield that is fundamental to the Blast L2. This native yield will be used for future creator rewards and trader giveaways. 

One wrinkle to Blast's inclusion on Blur is that the points earned from trading will remain hidden until the end of the season, keeping farmers in the dark about exactly how they're earning points and which activities will be most fruitful. 

📊 By the Numbers

As part of the launch, Blast has committed to distributing 2 million GOLD to active traders on the platform. 

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