Blur's Pacman Doxxes

Blur's Pacman Doxxes

Pacman, founder of Blur, doxxed his identity in a "web2 me vs web3 me" Twitter post yesterday evening.

❗ Why It Matters

The Blur founder was previously operating "pseudonymously" while building the popular NFT marketplace. Blur's community has grown exponentially in recent days, prompting the decision by Pacman, according to his tweets.

🔍 The Deets

  • Before working at Blur, Pacman says he dropped out of high school to go through Y Combinator at age 17.
  • He studied math and computer science at MIT, where he received the Thiel Fellowship.
  • After leaving MIT, he founded a company called Namebase, which he then sold.
  • While Pacman does show a picture of himself, he does not provide his real name, stating, "Pacman is synonymous with my own identity, and the name is much easier to pronounce than my IRL name."

🕳️ Go Deeper

  • Pacman's post comes approximately 14 hours after @NFTEthics tweeted, "It was by the way very very easy to find the 'anon' founders of Blur."
  • NFTEthics claims the other founder of Blur also co-founded Namebase with Pacman.
  • Like Blur, Namebase was also backed by Paradigm.

ğŸŽ¤ Community Feedback

gm, been a while, we went through YC together@richerd

OpenSea getting absolutely bodied today, might be over@tropoFarmer


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