Blur Unleashes v2 Upgrade

Blur Unleashes v2 Upgrade

Blur v2 is now live, introducing gas optimization and an innovative trait bidding system.

The Deets

Gas Optimization: Blur v2 transactions consume 50% less gas, saving users $16 per NFT purchase at current gas prices.

Trait Bidding: Users can now bid on specific traits within collections, not just entire collections.

Trait Bidding Points: Select collections offer trait bidding points, adding extra utility to bids.

Season 2 Update: Blur reveals plans for additional updates, including lending and BNPL powered by Blend.

The Bulk

Blur, a marketplace protocol designed for the NFT ecosystem, has just launched its v2 upgrade with two substantial enhancements. Firstly, Blur v2 introduces a gas optimization feature, where transactions now consume 50% less gas than before. This change translates into real dollar savings for users, with estimates suggesting a reduction of around $16 per NFT purchase, given current gas prices.

Secondly, Blur is breaking new ground by introducing a trait bidding system. In contrast to the previous version, where users could only bid on entire collections, Blur v2 allows users to target specific traits within collections. This offers an added layer of granularity and personalization, empowering users to hone in on specific aspects of NFTs that are of interest to them.

Moreover, certain collections offer an additional incentive to users in the form of trait bidding points. Users can earn more of these points when their trait bids exceed the top collection bid. Collections like Punks, Degods, and Milady’s, among others, are participating in this innovative scheme.

With the start of Blur's Season 2, the team has unveiled a series of enhancements to their ecosystem. These include a lending and BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) system powered by Blend, full mobile support, and notifications. However, three key developments are still under wraps and will be announced soon.

ğŸŽ¬ Take Action

If you had bids on Blur v1, ensure to recreate them for Blur v2 due to the recent upgrade. 

💰 Money Talks

With the new gas optimization feature, users can save around $16 per NFT purchase, meaning significant cost reductions for frequent traders.

🔜 What's Next?

Blur plans to reveal three key developments in the future, further enriching its platform for the upcoming Season 2. Keep an eye out for these new features and upgrades!

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