Blur Will Honor Royalties

Blur Will Honor Royalties

Blur will honor royalties that use OpenSea's or Blur's royalty enforcement tools, the marketplace tweeted Monday.

Blur gave instructions on how to add its marketplace to the OpenSea filter list and how to add OpenSea and Blur through its own tool. It also promised more $BLUR airdrops if users list with royalties on its site through the end of November.

Blur was also critical of OpenSea's handling of royalties saying the market-leading marketplace's decision to "turn off royalties on new collections that don't block optional royalty marketplaces" shifts NFTs from "open, decentralized assets" to "permissioned assets ruled by OpenSea."

"This introduces significant centralization and regulatory risk to NFTs," Blur said. "The entire industry saw the importance of decentralization in the wake of last week’s events. If you are a collection creator, we recommend using your own blacklist that you fully control yourself."

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