Build Your Own IP - KILLABEARS Launches All New Cubs Builder

Build Your Own IP - KILLABEARS Launches All New Cubs Builder
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KILLABEARS is releasing its much-anticipated KILLACUBS Builder today, offering holders the opportunity to create custom KILLACUBS after an eight-week incubation period. 

The Deets

  • The KILLACUBS Workshop allows you to build and adopt a KILLACUB by mixing & matching traits.
  • KILLACUBS will become part of the KILLAVERSE storyline and unlock additional benefits within the ecosystem.
  • KILLACUBS were first minted on April 20 and have passed through multiple stages, including the recent unlocking of the Combinizer to reveal rare traits.
  • In the builder, users can experiment and visualize their design before buying traits on the open market. Every Cub comes with some basic traits, and individuals have their own exclusive traits.

The Bulk

KILLABEARS project, known for its immersive and gamified web3 experiences, is set to launch its long-awaited KILLACUBS Workshop today. This initiative enables KILLABEARS holders to create their custom Killacub by choosing from a range of traits from their KILLABEARS or any owned KillaTraits.

From its initial minting on April 20, KILLACUBS have undergone multiple developmental stages, the latest being the activation of the Combinizer, which unlocked access to rare traits. Today's launch marks the end of an eight-week incubation period and the start of the builder stage.

In this builder stage, users can see their Cubs that have been incubated over eight weeks. The platform allows users to virtually design their Cub, experiment with various trait combinations, and visualize their creation before buying the traits from the open market. Basic traits are available to everyone, with exclusive traits accessible to individual users. To catch a glimpse of the builder in action, watch these demonstrations shared by KILLABEARS CEO and co-founder, Ben Cohen. 

❗️Why It Matters

After eight weeks of incubation, the launch of the KILLACUBS Builder marks an important step in the growth of the KILLAVERSE, concluding an anticipated release. The project has fully committed to fostering community involvement and encouraging creativity of its holders within its builder, echoed by the attention to detail showcased in the KILLACUB Builder features. 

🎤 Founder Feedback

Tapping into our mobile gaming background, we designed a unique gamified web3 experience with KILLACUBS. One that allows anyone to contribute to the creation of the IP being created within this initial design phase of the KILLABEARS ecosystem (aka the KILLAVERSE).KILLABEARS CEO Ben Cohen to Lucky Trader

Cohen continued, "As a community-driven entertainment brand, we are committed to involving our holders in all aspects of building the brand. The Cubs Experience enables this important expansion of the IP to be community curated (and owned!). As the next step of our journey unfolds, targeting movies/tv/streaming, toys, apparel, and CPG - we'll continue to license IP directly from holders, as we did with our upcoming physical collectibles line."

🎬 What's Next?

The launch of the KILLACUBS Builder sets the stage for the KILLABEARS project to expand into movies, TV, streaming, toys, apparel, and CPG. As this journey unfolds, the project will continue to license IP directly from holders, following the model established with its upcoming physical collectibles line.

🎬 Take Action 

The team has designed the Cubs Builder so anyone - even non-holders - can experience the fun of building and customizing their own Cubs when it opens at later today.

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