Christie's Unveils "Next Wave: The Miami Edit"

Christie's Unveils "Next Wave: The Miami Edit"

Christie's third edition of Next Wave Digital Art sales, "The Miami Edit," brings together 24 leading digital artists.

The Deets

  • A Curated Collection: 24 digital artists showcasing their unique styles.
  • Series Continuation: Third edition in the Christie’s 3.0 series.
  • Live Bidding: December 5 - 12, with artworks on view on December 7 and 8. 
  • Exhibition Venue: Gateway Miami at the Faena Forum

The Bulk

"The Miami Edit" by Christie's represents a significant moment in the digital art world. This sale, part of the Christie's 3.0 series, features a handpicked selection of 24 digital artists, each with a distinct and recognized style in the contemporary digital art scene. Originating a year ago in Miami and followed by a New York edition, this event marks a consistent effort to showcase the evolving landscape of digital art.

Artists like Bryan Brinkman, Fvckrender, and Monica Rizzolli are among the featured, bringing a diverse range of digital mediums and creative expressions to the forefront. 

The live bidding period, from December 5 to 12, is complemented by a physical showcase at the Gateway Miami at the Faena Forum in collaboration with NFT Now. 

🎬 Take Action

Those interested can explore the collection and place bids starting tomorrow, Dec. 5. 

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