Claire Silver Announces Nifty Gateway Drop

Claire Silver Announces Nifty Gateway Drop

Claire Silver announced she has a handful of drops coming to Nifty Gateway on Aug. 20 in a recent tweet.

The first drop, known as Imprimatura, will be an open edition with the minting window lasting ten minutes. It is set to mint at a cost of 0.20 ETH per NFT with a limit of one mint per wallet. Silver let it be known that she does not encourage to try and mint the piece for a profit.

She will also be dropping a collectors edition Mischtechnik that will cost 0,45 ETH per NFT with a supply of 100. Only holders of Silver's Braindrops, Mirage Gallery, or PROOF Grails pieces will be eligible to mint.

Silver lets it be known that these pieces were the ones compatible with the contract and that she plans to reward holders of other pieces in the future.

Holders of a 1/1 piece from their collection will be airdropped Concatenation. "There is no other way to acquire this piece," says Silver.

The final piece in this drop is Thixotropy, a 1/1 piece that features the artist's mint with interpolation and AI music. Thixotropy will be sold via auction or purchase.

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