Coca-Cola® Curates Masterpieces on Base

Coca-Cola® Curates Masterpieces on Base

Coca-Cola® unveiled "Masterpiece," a collection of onchain art, merging classic works with emerging talents as part of Coinbase's Onchain Summer celebration. 

The Deets

  • Classic meets Contemporary: Renowned artworks like "The Scream" and "Girl with a Pearl Earring" reimagined with Coca-Cola® flair.
  • Emerging Artists: New talents like Wonderbuhle, Aket, and Vikram Kushwah spotlighted.
  • Celebrating Diversity: Art from diverse origins, amplifying voices from around the world.

The Bulk

Coca-Cola® is taking a refreshing sip of the digital art world with its new "Masterpiece" collection. The global refreshment brand is celebrating both iconic and budding artists in a unique onchain showcase in collaboration with Coinbase. From Edvard Munch's haunting "The Scream" to Johannes Vermeer's mesmerizing "Girl with a Pearl Earring," classic artworks are tastefully intertwined with the emblematic Coca-Cola® bottle.

The works are created by emerging talents like Wonderbuhle, Aket, and Vikram Kushwah, who get their deserved limelight, with their artworks resonating with the joy and creativity the brand epitomizes.

🎤 Community Quotes


Coca-Cola® is a super important generational marker. Their advertisements encourage us to live our dreams every day.Aket

🎬 Take Action 

The "Masterpieces" mint remains open until noon ET on Wednesday, August 16. Want to add a piece to your collection? Explore and mint the collection here

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