Coinbase NFT Adds Features

Coinbase NFT Adds Features

Coinbase announced a handful of new updates to its NFT marketplace early this morning. 

The features, which are expanded upon in the Twitter thread, are as follows:

  • List NFTs from the profile
  • USD prices on NFTs
  • Engagement counts on NFTs
  • Ability to bulk manage NFTs
  • A new "liked" tab for NFTs
  • Ability to edit list price from Desktop

While some of these features are prerequisites for having a functioning NFT marketplace, some of the other more social features (the like tab and engagement counts) are more unique to Coinbase NFT and its social-focused marketplace.

Despite boasting a massive waiting list, Coinbase's NFT marketplace has yet to gain much or any traction in the NFT ecosystem. In the marketplace's first week, it did only $217,000 in NFT sales.

By comparison, on its worst days, OpenSea is able to easily surpass multiple millions in secondary trading volume for NFTs on Ethereum.

To learn more about the Coinbase NFT marketplace and get a glimpse of the inside, refer to our guide and introductory video



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