ConsenSys Founder: We Will Not Exploit, Monetize IP Data

ConsenSys Founder: We Will Not Exploit, Monetize IP Data

Joseph Lubin, the founder of ConsenSys (the developer of MetaMask and its default RPC Infura), responded to concerned users following an update to his company's privacy policy, which indicated that IP addresses are collected by the RPC.

"Infura does not exploit this data, nor does ConsenSys monetize it," said Lubin in a 21-tweet thread. "Infura is pursuing technical solutions to minimize data collection, including anonymization techniques and complete elimination of data collected."

RPC, which stands for Remote Procedure Call, allows communications with a remote server or computer. On the blockchain, RPCs let users see in MetaMask whether they succeeded or failed in a transaction on a specific network.

Lubin said RPCs need to know the IP address of the device sending a request.

"Why you might ask? The answer is actually pretty standard for how web infrastructure works," Lubin said. "First, the blockchain address is necessary because it is part of the request sent to a blockchain. The IP address is also required in order to route the response back to the requester."

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