Cool Cats Releases the Kritten

Cool Cats Releases the Kritten

Cool Cats released the Kritten, a new character that will play an important role in Journeys and daily battles. 

The Deets

  • New Kritten Trophy available
  • Boss Battle Requirements REVAMPED
  • More Battles, More Fun

The Details

The Kritten Trophy is an exciting new reward that unlocks valuable bonuses in upcoming Journeys. This highly sought-after prize is sure to entice players with its potential for new bonuses.

The developers have listened to player feedback and revamped the boss battle requirements to make better use of players' resources. This update encourages more strategic gameplay and caters to the players' demands.

Cool Cats and Pets can now participate in three boss battles per day, providing more opportunities to prove their prowess and have fun.

❗️Why It Matters

Cool Cats has committed itself to strengthening its brand through character building and lore, and the Kritten is the latest example of such. While the Kritten is not yet represented as an ownable NFT, the team insists that interacting with and earning the Kritten Trophy will be extremely valuable. 


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