Cryptoys Teases Collecting Experience

Cryptoys Teases Collecting Experience

Cryptoys provided users with more details about the collecting journey in a Twitter thread on Monday afternoon. 

The upcoming Flow blockchain project recently opened up its sign-up page for users looking to jump in on the upcoming launch. 

Much like Flow blockchain projects, NBA Top Shot and NFL ALL DAY, Cryptoys will utilize a collector score functionality to reward loyal and active participants of the platform. Users can start by collecting items and toys on the platform, and as they level up their portfolio, they'll level up their experience level as well. 

As a collector levels up, they will earn select Collector Titles that unlock exclusive benefits and drops. 

Elevated collector titles can be earned with every three rarity skins purchased by a user. Users can earn the Grand Master Title by "collecting all 18 common, uncommon, epic, rare, legendary, and grail skins."

More information about the Cryptoys ecosystem can be found in its whitepaper

The project recently announced a funding raise of more than $23 million from a16z. 

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