Dapper Labs Unveils Product Geared Towards web3 Creators

Dapper Labs Unveils Product Geared Towards web3 Creators

Dapper Labs, the creators of NFT projects such as NBA Top Shot and Cryptokitties, announced that it is looking to enable creators in web3 with its product "Dapper Creator" in a blog post from earlier this morning.

While full details of what one can do on the platform are not currently available, Dapper let it be known that users looking to come into web3 or are already here will need no coding experience to use the Dapper Creator platform. Whether the creators are "artists, musicians, gamers, streamers, authors, video producers, comedians, designers, lifestyle influencers and more - you can tap into a new world of possibilities through NFTs and build direct links with your audience" says the company.

Dapper goes on to say "through Dapper Creator, there will be fundamentally new and interesting ways to monetize, reward, and build individualized connections between you and your audience, across platforms." Hinting at users being able to use the platform to help monetize their audience.

Willing participants are now able to sign up for early access to Dapper Creator through this form.

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