Deafbeef Announces Next Project

Deafbeef Announces Next Project

Deafbeef announced his next project, HASHMARKS, 100 cryptographically linked NFTs paired with hand-forged iron sculptures, featuring a time-based fading mechanism and site-specific event in Patagonia.

The Deets

  • NFT-Sculpture Pairs: 100 unique hand-forged iron sculptures tied to unique NFTs.
  • Time-Based Mechanism: The digital SVG image linked to each NFT will begin to fade over a 10-year period unless maintained by engraved secret keys.
  • Site-Specific Event: An exclusive gathering for collectors in Patagonia from Nov 6-8, presented in partnership with Bright Moments. 
  • Ticket Sales: Auction for event tickets takes place Sept. 18-20.

The Bulk

HASHMARKS is breaking new ground by combining physical art with digital ownership. The project consists of 100 hand-forged iron sculptures, each cryptographically linked to a unique NFT.

These aren't ordinary NFTs. Each digital token has an SVG image stored on-chain but encrypted via a hash-based stream cipher. This encrypted image can be revealed using a hash of an engraved secret key present on the physical sculpture.

The real kicker here is the time-based mechanism: the digital SVG image will start to fade after 10 years unless the token is periodically refreshed by hashes of the engraved secret key. This incentive system encourages owners to keep both the physical object and the digital token together.

A site-specific event in Patagonia from Nov. 6-8 offers collectors the opportunity to choose their sculpture from a grid of 100. The event is being organized in partnership with Bright Moments, and tickets will be auctioned from Sept. 18-20.

ğŸŽ¤ Founder Feedback

Over a 10 year period, unless refreshed periodically by hashes of the engraved secret key, the dynamic SVG image will begin to fade. A time-based mechanism as incentive to keep the physical object and digital token together during that period.Deafbeef

🔜 What's Next?

If you're intrigued by this unique offering, keep an eye out for the ticket auction for the Patagonia event on Sep 18-20. 

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