Deca Unveils Mint on Demand and Art Posters

Deca Unveils Mint on Demand and Art Posters

Deca introduced Mint on Demand, allowing artists to mint art only when a bid meets their price, alongside a new poster feature that showcases and rewards unique artistic homages.

The Deets

  • Minting System: Artists upload their work and only mint when a desired bid is placed.
  • Deca Posters: Digital artworks that pay tribute to the original piece. The sales from these posters benefit the artist, original owner, poster creator, and Deca.
  • No Gas Worries: Art uploads are offchain, eliminating the concern of gas prices.
  • Pricing Model: Different percentage splits for poster sales, benefiting multiple stakeholders.

The Bulk

Deca is revolutionizing the way artists mint and showcase their artwork. With the introduction of "Mint on Demand," artists can upload all their pieces without the initial need to mint. Only when a collector places a satisfactory bid will the minting process be initiated, thus cutting unnecessary costs for artists.

The platform's new feature also introduces "Deca Posters." These are digital artworks crafted by various creators that celebrate and pay homage to the original artwork. The artist has control over which poster designs can be minted. Upon the sale of the original 1/1 artwork, these posters will be available for minting for a set period.

The economic model behind the posters ensures fair distribution of rewards. Non-custom designs see a split of 40% each to the artist and owner, with the remaining 20% going to Deca. Custom designs have a more varied distribution, involving the original artist, artwork owner, poster creator, and Deca.

💰 Money Talks

Minting a poster comes at a fee of 0.01 ETH, with revenues distributed among the stakeholders. The exact split depends on the design's nature, whether custom or non-custom, ensuring fair compensation for all parties.

🖼️ The Big Picture

By providing artists with greater control and flexibility in the minting process and introducing the concept of digital posters, Deca is shaping the future of digital art platforms, making art more accessible, collaborative, and rewarding.

🔜 What's Next?

Deca plans to extend the ability to upload 1/1s and posters to a wider audience. Moreover, expansions to other chains and diverse edition sizes are on the horizon.

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