"Decoherence" From Pindar Van Arman Airdropped to SuperRare RarePass Holders

"Decoherence" From Pindar Van Arman Airdropped to SuperRare RarePass Holders

The first SuperRare RarePass: Genesis airdrop, a collection of NFTs from noted AI artist Pindar Van Arman, has been completed, according to a tweet from SuperRare.

"Decoherence" boasts 250 separate 1/1 pieces of art from Van Arman, each provided to a holder of the SuperRare Genesis Pass which was minted last month via auction. 

"Decoherence explores the part of ourselves that questions reality. It visualizes impossible shapes, exotic dimensions, and alternate universes. If you, like me, sense that there is something more, this series can be a crack in the wall. I hope you will join this search for answers, even if we are only probably here," reads Van Arman's artist description on the project. 

The collection is now available for purchase on the secondary market at SuperRare, though no NFTs are listed at this time. 

The SuperRare RarePass: Genesis completed its sale at 17.25 ETH, but has quickly moved to a floor price of 35 ETH. RarePass: Genesis holders are expected to receive a new airdrop monthly from artists like Killer Acid and Matt Kane, among others. 

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