Delegate Cash Reveals Delegate Market

Delegate Cash Reveals Delegate Market

Delegate Cash launched its innovative Delegate Market, revolutionizing asset utility trading in the NFT space.

The Deets

  • Delegate Market: A new marketplace for trading delegate rights without counterparty risk
  • Simple Process: Easy listing and auto-escrowing of assets upon sale
  • ERC721 Compliance: Tokenize, transfer, and trade delegate tokens as native ERC721s
  • Benefits for Users, Projects, and Builders: Zero risk, earning potential, and robust infrastructure

The Bulk

Delegate Cash unveiled its latest venture, Delegate Market. This marketplace is a pioneering platform for tokenizing and trading asset utility with unparalleled ease and security.

Delegate Market simplifies the trading process by allowing users to list Delegate Tokens (DT) without needing to escrow their assets upfront. Once a DT is sold, the associated asset is automatically escrowed, streamlining the transaction for users. 

Furthermore, the marketplace is built using a custom Seaport ContractOfferer, eliminating the need for additional approvals and enabling transactions through offchain signatures. This innovation ensures that users can experiment freely, often without requiring any onchain transaction to sell Delegate Tokens.

❗️Why It Matters

The launch of Delegate Market represents a significant milestone in the evolution of NFT marketplaces. It offers a unique blend of security, simplicity, and accessibility, making it easier for users to tokenize and trade asset utility, which previously has not been possible. 

🎬 Take Action 

Visit to create your first Delegate Token and experience the future of asset utility trading.

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