Diesel, Fossil Group Launching Web3 Watch

Diesel, Fossil Group Launching Web3 Watch

Diesel is collaborating with Fossil Group to introduce Vert, a timepiece blending digital and physical realms, featuring unique designs conceptualized through virtual reality.

The Deets

  • Vert Collection: Diesel's novel timepiece line that merges the tangible with the virtual.
  • Metamorph Experience: An interactive, narrative-driven platform launching on vert.diesel.com, November 2.
  • Unique Designs: Vert watches, curated using advanced VR tech, present a blend of organic and futuristic elements.
  • NFT Integration: Vert buyers receive a linked NFT, granting immersive virtual world interactions.

The Bulk

Diesel, in partnership with Fossil Group, unleashed its Metamorph project's pinnacle with Vert. Vert is not just a watch; it's a representation of Diesel's forward-thinking vision, envisioned and brought to life in VR by Creative Director Glenn Martens.

The Vert collection offers five diverse styles, each embodying a synergy of organic and avant-garde aesthetics. This includes limited edition pieces, each bringing its unique allure. Every purchase of a Vert watch ties the holder to an NFT, offering an exclusive gateway to interact within a digital universe.

In addition to the VR experience, Vert holders gain access to a distinct code, enabling them to acquire their exclusive Vert NFT. This NFT evolves in three stages, leading up to the grand Metamorph virtual event.

But the Metamorph magic isn't limited to just Vert owners. Diesel encourages fans worldwide to dive into this experience, even if they don't own a Vert watch.

ğŸŽ¤ Founder Feedback

I'm really excited about the Metamorph launch because the Vert is my first watch of this collection. It reincarnates the brand in the way that says Diesel is for everybody. The metamorphosis of the vertebrae is based on something organic. It could look like a bone structure. Is it from the Metaverse? Is it an alien? Is it a human? It's the concept of the center point, the backbone of something or somebody. How we designed Metamorph is linked to the new generation. It's virtual reality-made. It's a sexy watch.Glenn Martens, Creative Director of Diesel

🔜 What's Next?

Vert holders can mark their calendars for the Metamorph Experience's grand opening on vert.diesel.com, November 2.

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