Doge Enters the Battle Royale Arena

Doge Enters the Battle Royale Arena

Own The Doge commissioned a unique Doge biome within Open Season, a Battle Royale-style web3 gaming environment. 

The Deets

  • Unreal Engine: Epic Games’ powerful engine brings the Doge realm to life.
  • Beyond the Meme: More than a game addition, a deep dive into Doge lore.
  • Coming Soon: Doge biome set to launch in May, Open Season Alpha out now.

The Bulk

In a blend of internet culture and gaming innovation, Own The Doge has commissioned a special Doge-themed biome within the new battle royale game, Open Season. Utilizing Epic Games' Unreal Engine, this unique gaming environment promises to immerse players in the world of the internet's most beloved Shiba Inu, Kabosu, aka Doge. The partnership between Own The Doge and Fractional Uprising Studios, the creators of Open Season, is poised to deliver an experience filled with lore, memes, and easter eggs, delighting gamers and Doge fans alike.

🎤Founder Feedback

Open Season is first and foremost about fun, so partnering with the hilarious and talented Own The Doge team was a no brainer.Spooby, Co-Founder Fractional Uprising Studios

🔜What's Next?

With the Alpha release already attracting attention, the full release of Open Season will include more NFT community enhancements and rewards. The Doge biome is expected to launch in May. 

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